Toowoomba Regional Council Multi-function Open Space Framework

Multi-function open spaces perform a range of infrastructure and activity roles as an integrated functional outcome of a single open space. They recognise and consider the diverse values that are embedded in open space and aim to bring together multiple uses in a way that is functionally integrated, spatially efficient and safe for all users. They enhance environmental quality, community safety and connectivity and deliver places for people to enjoy.

ClientToowoomba Regional Council

LocationToowoomba, QLD


The Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) required a framework that assists internal and external stakeholders to design and deliver open space that can perform multiple infrastructure functions. The framework would assist decision makers to consider the diverse values embedded in spaces that perform multiple functions and to resolve potential conflicts in their use.

TRC's vision is to ensure that planning for open space results in a green infrastructure network that is affordable, efficient, and locally appropriate and does not allow compromise in standards to impact on its intended function. The framework will also inform and guide key Council strategies and plans.

The framework was developed through consultation with key TRC stakeholders and industry experts and an examination of current best-practice.

Lat27 led the process with subconsultants PSA Consulting, RMA Engineers and Redleaf.