Gold Coast Rapid Transit Independent Verifier


LocationGold Coast, QLD

Stage 1 of the Gold Coast Rapid Transit (GCRT) project comprised 13km light rail link from the Gold Coast University Hospital Health and Knowledge Precinct to Broadbeach South, via the urban centres of Southport and Surfers Paradise. It included 16 stations - with five transport interchanges and an underground station, bridge structures, associated infrastructure works and ancillary buildings.

The system design is futureproofed, modelled and tested to encourage city building regeneration, enhance the urban environment and revitalise both the light rail corridor and adjacent areas. The GCRT system provides the catalyst for compact, transit-oriented and transit-adjacent development, and the creation of connected, walkable communities.

Stations and walk-up environments have been designed with a ‘whole-of-journey’ approach, achieving a seamless transition from street, to platform, to light rail vehicle. The stations are designed for the local sub-tropical environment and utilise modular systems while achieving local precinct character. GCRT is envisioned as part of a city changing process for the Gold Coast that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

In the role of Independent Verifier for Architecture, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture, Lat27 was required to review and certify that the design documentation complied with the requirements of the State Project Documents. The State Project Documents included the Project Deed between the State and Operator Franchisee, to which all relevant laws and approvals were referred.

Read more about the Gold Coast Rapid Transit project on the City of Gold Coast website.