Newstead Series

The Newstead Series offers apartment living with a focus on an outdoor lifestyle. With a central garden oasis at its heart, and positioned within close proximity of Newstead Waterfront Park, Gasworks Plaza and the river, its location and thoughtful design support a truly subtropical lifestyle.

ClientJGL Properties

LocationNewstead, QLD


Brisbane is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of people moving to live in the inner city and its fringes. As the city matures, the depth of its offer is attracting a broad spectrum of residents seeking lifestyle and convenience.

Suburbs such as Newstead are an attractive choice with the benefits of city proximity, access to recreation spaces and the river and the strong sense of local community. As part of the city's fringe regeneration, projects like the Newstead Series breathe new life into the area providing a contemporary residential model while contributing to community health and diversity.

Brisbane’s subtropical climate is one of the most favourable; it allows us to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the time of year. Harnessing this at the Newstead Series was key to its design.  Lat27 drew on Brisbane’s ‘backyard’ vernacular as the inspiration for a central green heart which references the veranda, barbecues on the deck and fun times with family and friends around the pool. Facilities include a gym, sauna, 25m pool, fire pit, barbecue and outdoor movies.

In support of new lifestyle choices, it was important to ensure that generous outdoor spaces delivered venues for social gatherings, group fitness and family barbecues as an extension of the home. At the same time more intimate spaces accommodate respite and relaxation in a lush, shaded garden setting.

The design has been crafted as a series of interconnected spaces to accommodate multiple groups and enhance the sense of spaciousness. Unique to a podium landscape of this type is the use of level changes to define distinctive spaces that enhance both privacy and visual connectivity through the raising and lowering of spaces.

Establishing a successful garden on a podium was achieved through the collaboration of the landscape architect, structural and services engineers and the architect to ensure good soil depths, drainage and irrigation to maintain plant health. The planting types were selected for their subtropical character including leaf texture, colour and seasonal change. 

Lat27 believe strongly in creating places that are contextually responsive and meet aspirations of the people who will ultimately occupy them. This ideology, coupled with the client’s vision, crafted a rich and diverse landscape that captures the essence of high quality riverside living in the inner city.