Union Road Level Crossing Removal, Urban Design Advice

ClientCity of Boroondara

LocationSurrey Hills, VIC


The outcome of this project was an Urban Design Advice document prepared to guide the design and development of new open space to be developed as part of the Union Road Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP). Throughout the project timeline, LatStudios worked closely with key Council representatives to workshop concept designs. These were held in conjunction with public workshops aimed at community members to ensure the indicative designs met their needs and wants for local open space. The document sets out the community’s Vision for the new spaces, along with guiding principles for consideration by the LXRP in the detailed design phase. Preferred outcomes are defined though key objectives and a Vision plan, incorporating the feedback received through consultation. A series of guidelines were created to help achieve each of the objectives. These are intended to guide future detailed work in a fashion that is consistent with Council’s expectations for the precinct. Overall, the proposed plan and guidelines were well received by the community.