Northshore Hamilton Sub-Precinct 3a and 8a

ClientEconomic Development Queensland

LocationNorthshore Hamilton, QLD

Date2010 - 2011

This study for the Urban Land Development Authority (now Economic Development Queensland) explored development options and established a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and development potential of a key precinct within the North Shore Hamilton Urban Development Area.

The task specifically focused on Sub-Precincts 3a and 8a of the UDA. Sub-precinct 3a fronts Remora Park and ideas were explored for a range of mixed uses at ground level with varying residential typologies above. Sub-Precinct 8a presented an opportunity to create a linear campus style business park along MacArthur North with a centrally located wetland as a public realm focus.

Detailed site analyses, key opportunities and urban design principles were produced for both precincts. Built form concepts were also prepared to test commercial viability. This work informed the subsequent preparation of formal sub-precinct plans for both sites.