Kim Delbridge

Kim Delbridge

Associate - Urban Designer

Kim is an Associate Urban Designer with over 8 years’ experience in Urban Design, Strategic Planning, Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

He is experienced in leading and collaborating with designers and consultant teams to produce comprehensive and forward-thinking design outcomes. He is backed up with a strong understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects underpinning good urban design.

During his three years at the City of Greater Geelong, Kim provided urban design referral advice in a wide variety of contexts, such as major transport infrastructure projects, high-density mixed-use developments, and social amenity projects involving State Government investment. Prior to Geelong, Kim worked at a small boutique agency called Niche Planning Studio. There, he became a jack of all trades and gained experience in all phases of the development process. His mix of private and public background gives him inherent knowledge to perceive projects from both sides of the fence to anticipate issues before they arise.

Personally, Kim is motivated by driving sustainability to the forefront of people’s minds and encouraging shifts in habits and norms. Kim’s broad employment experience reflects his appreciation that urban design is a truly multidisciplinary profession. He deliberately exposed himself to new environments to constantly learn and develop a better awareness of how the process of urban design is actually made up of hundreds of value-judgements. Whilst it’s possible to produce a robust design with a siloed approach, achieving the strongest designs only become possible with collaboration and bottom-up support from communities and people.

Since joining LatStudios key projects have included:

  • Banksia Gardens Estate Master Plan
  • Port Phillip Neighbourhood Character Study