Lat27 and the Brisbane Showgrounds

For over six years Lat27 has played a central role in the redevelopment of Brisbane’s famous ‘Ekka’ Showgrounds. Our involvement has ranged from precinct-wide conceptual master planning to the finished construction of inspiring new public spaces.

Date 15.04.2016

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Brisbane Showgrounds Public Realm Master Plan

The goal was to deliver a modern and connected inner-city precinct encompassing a unique mix of event, residential, commercial and retail destinations. Master planning of the public realm presented the opportunity to reveal the historic and cultural narratives of this state significant place which has traditionally only been accessible during show times. Integration of historic 'Ekka' spaces and elements with a new urban form was a central design focus and was achieved through a series of strategies addressing placemaking, access and movement, CPTED and sustainability. Continue reading on the project page.

Brisbane Showgrounds Master Plan - Public Realm

The Plaza

The Plaza was the first key public space to be delivered within the Brisbane Showground’s rejuvenation. The plaza was designed as a contemporary new event venue for Brisbane and much needed open space for a rapidly emerging local community. The plaza establishes a welcoming arrival and front door for the new Royal International Convention Centre and its flexible design supports a variety of exhibition and event overlays set within high quality urban space. Continue reading on the project page.

The Plaza, Brisbane Showgrounds. Mid EKKA celebrations.

Porte Cochere Canopy, The Plaza

This impressive structure sits respectfully adjacent the heritage facade of the Royal International Convention Centre and frames the entry to the Plaza. The architecture references the historic forms and materiality that are characteristic of this heritage precinct, with the saw tooths oriented to maximise shade. The structure is designed to accommodate power, lighting and speakers supporting an event stage function for the adjoining plaza space. Continue reading on the project page.

Porte Cochere, The Plaza, Brisbane Showgrounds. Mid EKKA celebrations.

King Street

This new mixed use street will establish a vital pedestrian link between The Plaza and St Pauls Terrace and become the main activity spine through the heart of the wider urban renewal precinct. Brisbane’s newest ‘high street’ will comprise a wide and vibrant mix of dining, retail, market spaces, cafes and bars set within a high quality streetscape. Stormwater has been fully integrated into an urban streetscape using bio-retention gardens. Continue reading on the project page.

King Street, Brisbane Showgrounds. Street furniture at night.

Alexandria Precinct

Currently on our drawing board is the Alexandria Precinct. This new space, created through the removal of existing sheds, will deliver much needed green space for a growing local community as well as an additional events venue. A transformed historic building - Building 8 - will remain at its heart and offers opportunities for a wide range of event activities. The characterising Figs will of course remain and continue to provide shady respite for visitors as they have done for generations. Continue reading on the project page.

Alexandria Precinct, Brisbane Showgrounds. Historic building 8 to be transformed into a new space.