QLD’s largest wind farm approved & solar farm under construction

Lat27’s landscape planning team has been working closely with AECOM on landscape and visual impact assessments that have supported several successful applications for developments promoting renewable energy.

Date 20.09.2017

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Working with AECOM, we undertook the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for Stages 1 and 2 of AGL’s Coopers Gap Wind Farm application. The site is located in a rural area near Kingaroy and the Bunya Mountains National Park. The assessment considered the impact of the wind farm on the landscape and surrounding visual receptors, including residents, tourists and those travelling on local scenic routes. Stage 1 of the scheme received a development permit from the Queensland Government in June 2017 and comprises up to 115 turbines with a blade tip height of up to a maximum of 180 m. A separate LVIA was prepared for Stage 2, which comprises an additional eight turbines, which has subsequently been granted approval.  Cooper’s Gap will be Queensland’s largest wind farm development. The scheme has an approved capacity up to 460 MW, capable of powering more than 240,000 homes, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of talking over 320,000 cars off the road!

Construction has also recently commenced on the 148 MW solar farm Ross River Solar Farm located in Townsville. Lat27 undertook a landscape and visual assessment on behalf of AECOM that supported a successful Development Application by Ross River Solar Farm Pty Ltd to Townsville City Council. This project is anticipated to power the equivalent of 65,000 homes and is considered an important step toward Townsville becoming a ‘solar city’.