Learning outside the box

Date 20.09.2019

Posted in new project

Lat27 are passionate about creating places to learn, facilitating spaces that get students outside and learning hands-on. Productive gardens are a great way to engage students of all ages and create a multitude of teaching opportunities and additions to the curriculum. Lat27 has extensive experience in creating these educational spaces at a variety of scales.

Our most recent project with a productive garden is the Community Garden at the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus (in partnership with DWP Architects). The design is driven by many different needs including a formal arrival space for the campus, providing a functional community garden for the neighbouring early childhood education centre, integrating into the existing aesthetic & materiality of the St Lucia campus and celebrating the natural elements which define the campus.

Given the location of the site within the campus and scale, the project was fast-tracked to reduce the impact on the University's operation. In response to this faster design & construction process, Lat27's Design Communication team produced a series of 3D visualisations of the design. These visualisations not only clearly communicated the design to the client, but also assisted the client in facilitating efficient internal consultation and streamlining their review process.

Photography by Phil Hargreaves Photography, courtesy of Naturform