AILA QLD President's Award for COUNTRY Festival

Date 16.06.2023

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LatStudios and co-curators Blaklash (led by Troy Casey) & Claudia Taborda with Tristan Schultz are honoured to have been awarded the 2023 AILA QLD President’s Award for the 2022 AILA Festival “Country”.

Tessa Leggo, AILA QLD President commended the Creative Directorate team for

“Their extraordinary efforts to educate participants about the profound significance of “Country”. Their exceptional contributions extend not only to the future of landscape architecture but also to our lives and the communities we inhabit.

Under their visionary guidance, they curated and led a transformative experience that embodied the essence of cultural connection and environmental stewardship. Their unwavering dedication in disseminating knowledge and fostering dialogue will empower successive generations of landscape architects, shaping a future where Country assumes paramount importance within our profession.

AILA Queensland commends their remarkable impact and steadfast commitment to advancing the comprehension of Country’s pivotal role in our practice.”