Welcome Stephen Smith

Date 21.02.2023

Posted in Studio

We are excited to announce that Stephen Smith has joined our Brisbane Studio as an Associate Director. With over 25 years’ experience in Planning, Urban Design and Placemaking across Australia and the UK, Stephen’s exemplary expertise will significantly strengthen our capabilities to benefit both our local government and private enterprise clients.

As a recognised leading design practitioner in the fields of planning and urban design, Stephen believes that streets and public spaces are the heart and soul of public life in our cities.

‘In advertising there is a saying that goes we need to find the ‘inherent ‘truth’ in something. This is no different when considering the design of places. Every place has its own identity and character based on its history, climate, culture, building traditions, locality and setting. Finding the inherent truth or in this case, the inherent identity of a place, is critical to providing contextually appropriate design responses. Whether those responses are in patterns of subdivisions, building design, streetscapes or open spaces.’

We welcome Stephen to the LatStudios family.