Cath Loom

Cath Loom

Senior Designer

Cath has over 20 years’ experience as an landscape architect assistant having previously worked in a range of architectural and design practices. She enjoys a holistic approach reconciling environmental and social outcomes in order to develop a strong and memorable sense of place.

Cath enjoys applying her advanced knowledge and appreciation of materiality to develop practical yet beautiful detailed design outcomes. In particular, she is highly skilled in the use of AutoCAD and three-dimensional drafting techniques to explore and evolve design and to assist clients and the public to understand options. This also facilitates the presentation of clear technical construction drawings.

Since joining LatStudios key projects have included:

Whilst employed by others, she completed several projects of note including:

  • Gateway Bridge Upgrade
  • North-South Bypass Tunnel (Clem7)
  • Ichyths Mining Village - Interiors