Nathan Merlano

Nathan Merlano

Landscape Architect

Nathan is an Honours Graduate from the Queensland University of Technology, he joined LatStudios in 2016 and since then, he has contributed to a wide range of projects; from large scale public realm and open space networks to community parklands and creek system strategies. During his studies, he received numerous accolades in recognition of the high quality of his work and he also participated as a representative of Queensland University of Technology at a number of design exhibitions.

Of note, during the last three years, Nathan has developed his landscape architecture skills through his work on the Victoria Park Vision, the Urban Forest tower, Western Sydney Airport and the Box Hill Master Plan projects. He has focused on ecologically based remedial design, climate adaption and regenerative urban renewal. These skills are complemented by his expertise in 3D modelling and the preparation of high quality graphic outputs.

Nathan’s passion for the many expressions of landscape architecture aligns with his passion for exploring our great outdoors. These often far flung experiences have helped him shape a personal and responsible approach to design and this presented him with the opportunity to write an article for Landscape Australia on the effects of glacial climate change throughout Argentina and its mountainous landscapes.

Nathan recently won the 2022 AILA Queensland Future Leader award, awarded to outstanding graduates within the first 5 years of their professional careers.

Since joining LatStudios key projects have included: