Nathan Merlano

Nathan Merlano

Graduate Landscape Architect

Nathan, a recent Honours Graduate from the Queensland University of Technology, joined our team in 2016. While completing his studies he received numerous accolades and participated as a representative of QUT for various design exhibitions.

With 2 years previous experience in various small design practices around Brisbane, Nathan became fascinated with the many avenues and translations that exist within the field of Landscape Architecture.

Attaining a passion for climbing, hiking and the great outdoors, Nathan’s final body of student work coincidingly focused on the natural and man-made systems of our environment at a regional scale; exploring the concept of landscape as urbanism.

Progressing into his career, Nathan will continue the investigation of deterritorialisation and reterritorialisation as strategies that foster a distinct dialogue between Architecture and Landscape Architecture; enriching the spaces we live, play and work in.