Lorna Chuan

Lorna Chuan

Associate, Landscape Architect

Lorna has over 15 years’ experience, working on all aspects of landscape architectural projects ranging from detailed residential designs, complex civic plazas, luxurious resort developments to city centre focused master planning.

Lorna’s enthusiasm for design lies in the successful communication of beautiful design solutions to complex societal and environmental processes.  Always delving into the site’s history and identity at the outset, she believes an understanding of place is important in creating good design.

Throughout her education and working career she has always revelled in the creation of the landscapes ability to stir an emotional experience, whether it is an adaptive space, where users can personalise and connect with a sites functionality, to a natural landscape space where the user is immersed by the sites natural beauty. In this regard she hopes to draw out a projects existing site character whilst providing adaptive spaces which accommodate and connect with the user.

Her ability as a designer is supported by a strong foundation in graphic communication and visualisation skills, she utilises this throughout all her work to create cohesive design stories from start to finish.

Since joining LatStudios key projects have included: